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What impact will COVID-19 have on our operations?  This is a question we are all asking as we wonder how long before we are safe from COVID-19 and how will we respond to future viral challenges. 

The safety and well being of people living and working in The Bartlett will always be our number one priority. Here are some things we know for sure:

  • The Bartlett, including the on site Bistro will operate based on local and provincial health guidelines and directives

  • Social distancing will be monitored and staff will have appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (i.e. wearing masks).  We will be in “lease-up” mode for the first 6-12 months and so anticipate little constraint for tenants wishing to dine in The Bistro due to a smaller number of patrons (current Phase 3 guidelines for restaurants)

  • Residents can order food for pick up or delivery, reducing the need to shop for groceries

  • Our model does not require a lot of staff, helping to reduce exposure. Cleaning staff will be on site 7 days/week to ensure cleanliness (disinfection) in all common areas

  • The 24-hour concierge desk can restrict access to outsiders if required (i.e. non-essential persons); this can include managing deliveries from third parties

  • All people coming and going in the residence can be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.  Hand sanitizer will be accessible at all entry points to the building.  Masks will be made available as required

  • Residents will have access to medical care if needed in the 24-hour primary and urgent care seniors’ clinic on site

  • Residents will have access to pharma care, including delivery via the concierge desk and home care services if needed, through the clinic

Have any additional questions? Click the button below to contact us and we'll help you with any of your concerns related to COVID-19.

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