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The developers of The Bartlett have worked in the seniors housing sector for decades and have experience in developing and operating both individual residences and national chains. As veterans in the sector, we have in depth knowledge of diverse markets and emerging trends in senior living.


We love this sector and this sector has been good to us. But over several years and countless discussions, we’ve wondered what else could be achieved, what new approach could be developed that would expand the market for seniors housing and make it more palatable to people who are ready to downsize their homes but not their lifestyles.


Our social model incorporates choice, autonomy, modern design and affordability, all supported by an on site public clinic geared to seniors. The Bartlett is a place we would love to live in: we hope you’ll agree!

Our Mission

Provide well-appointed apartments that are inviting, safe and affordable for seniors who want to choose how they live every day.

Our Vision

Empowered seniors living in the community they call “home”.  Our values are centred on:

  • Providing a safe and well-maintained environment

  • Demonstrating respect for all people

  • Being transparent and providing clear communication

  • Championing innovation through collaboration and partnership

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